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Five O'Clock with Theral Timpson
Zack Abbott on GMOs and ZBiotics' Solution to Tough Mornings after Drinking
Zack Abbott on GMOs and ZBiotics' Solution to Tough Mornings after Drinking


0:00 Hangover biology

8:12 Concern over GMOs: what is “natural?”

26:36 The age of synthetic biology

33:20 Who’s making the decision:  me or my microbes?

Many of us enjoy a glass of wine over dinner. Sometimes two. Sometimes more. And we all have our own hangover cures. Lots of water. Some folks say salt helps if you have a headache.


Zack Abbott is a scientist entrepreneur and CEO of ZBiotics, a company making a genetically engineered remedy for the common hangover.  Most of the toxic acetaldehyde that comes from alcohol is processed by the liver.  But some of it goes to the gut, and Zack says this is what gives us the morning-after symptoms from drinking.  ZBiotics is a probiotic that is genetically engineered to help the gut process this toxic byproduct, thereby relieving symptoms.

Many in America and around the world are concerned about consuming genetically modified (GMO) products.  Zack says this concern is rooted in a good place, and he goes on to address the fears around GMO products.  For Zack, addressing this question is a great passion in life.  Part of the reason for founding ZBiotics was to engage with consumers on the GMO discussion, giving them a product that is helpful and optional. (Zack says we have been forced to accept many GMO products.)

Zack and his company are part of a growing movement in synthetic biology focused on new consumer products that will enable better health and sustainable living.

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