Five O'Clock with Theral Timpson
Five O'Clock with Theral Timpson
In the Vineyard with Winemaker John Delaney

In the Vineyard with Winemaker John Delaney


0:00 Malvasia Blanc, a winner in this year’s harvest. How do you choose varietals?

8:20 What is the diurnal shift?

13:35 Why single varietals?

17:20 Today’s trends

22:15 Wine for Thanksgiving?

Southern Utah is home to some of the nation’s choice national and state parks, including Zion and Bryce Canyons. But there are more than park trails. The region now boasts one of America’s newest wine trails.

For our pre-Thanksgiving show, we’re coming to you from the Bold and Delaney Vineyard in Dammeron Valley just outside St. George. John Delaney is an award-winning sommelier turned winemaker in one of America's newest wine regions. What is standing out this year? Is there a Southern Utah character emerging in grapes grown in the sand and volcanic lava?

We finish by tasting John’s newest vintage, a stellar 2022 Petite Syrah that just went in the bottle. Join us for a relaxing stroll through the vineyard as we chat about today’s trends in wine and think about the right wine for Thanksgiving.

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Five O'Clock with Theral Timpson
Five O'Clock with Theral Timpson
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